Travis had it all laid out. The two glasses of Champagne on the dresser, the rose petals spread out on the bed and through the bathroom, the mood setting music, and the lighting only by candle. Travis had hired escorts before and enjoyed their company every once in a while, but Melinda was a different matter altogether. Travis had met Melinda a few weeks before and couldn’t get her body out of his mind. Her green eyes, long strawberry blonde hair, and plump red lips made his mouth water. Her big breasts, wide hips, and thick ass made his dick hard.

There was a knock at the door and when he opened it, there she was in a black suede overcoat, open to expose a sheer one piece over a red pantie and bra set that held her voluptuous bust up and jiggling in front of her, fishnet stockings tight on her luxurious thighs over black pumps with five inch heels. She smiled as he tried to pull her inside, and instead pulled him into the hallway. She stroked his cock through his pants before opening his zipper, and went to her knees right there in the hallway. She shrugged her coat off and began sucking him off. He vaguely heard a door opening down the hall, and gasps of shock as his neighbors beheld his cock inside a call girl in the hallway. He was going to hear from the co-op board about this one!

Travis couldn’t contain himself any longer; he grabbed Melinda by the arms and lifted her up into his arms, carrying her through the doorway and kicking the door shut behind him. Travis let his hands slide over the warm, inviting skin of her sides, down the small of her back, and pulling the red panties up clutching her chunky ass, his pinkies feeling her fleshy lips.

He could feel himself growing harder for her and he pressed against her in their embrace, kissing her deeply. Travis took her by the hand and led her to the bedroom where he removed Melinda’s overcoat to enjoy her unrestricted beauty. They drank the entire champagne bottle as they took turns tonguing, and eating, and sucking one another, almost reaching climax but never allowing it. Scattering the rose pedals on the bed, Travis enjoyed all the splendor of Melinda’s deep ass wrapped tight in her fishnet and her ample breasts free of the red bra.
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